CARD Heroes

CARD Heroes

When so many people are in need of care, when fear is prevalent and isolation is inevitable, every action we take has more value, more power, and more ability to change the world for the better.

Michael Lamb
Assistant Supervisor – Youngsville, LA
Army Veteran who is pursuing his BCBA certificationPeople always tell me I’m positive and motivated but, especially during these difficult times, what motivates me most is seeing our kids improving and the difference I make not only in the patients’ lives, but the families’ lives as well. I’ve been choosing to drive an additional hour from one patient’s home to another in order to provide therapy to kids who need my help, particularly if other therapists are unable to do so. I really don’t mind it: the kids need my help and parents receive additional support.A few days ago, a parent told me that her son was upset and throwing things around. The parent asked her son why he was throwing items. Instead of continuing to throw tantrums this kid was able to communicate the reason behind his frustration to his parent. Hearing this story reinforces the work I do and motivates me: knowing that I can go to a family’s home, provide therapy that supports their child’s growth and make such an impact. I think parents just want to understand how they can help their child even more. And me taking that extra step – or driving that extra hour – in order to provide therapy is what makes all the difference.

Brianna Mitchell
Behavior Therapist – Killeen, TX
I am a mother of a special needs child and her sessions have been cancelled due to the circumstances. I understand the importance of preventing any gaps in our clients’ therapy and the huge impact of therapy on children and their families. This is part of the reason I am so motivated to do my part and help as many families as possible. I want to support other therapists by taking on more patients, if the therapists are unable to do so, and provide additional therapy hours to families that need it. All while still doing my schoolwork, taking care of my kids and family, and striving to go above and beyond with the therapy I provide to our clients.

Jessica Fields
Behavior Therapist – Lynnwood, WA
I think about how our clients’ parents still need our help to keep each child’s routine as close to the same as possible given our current circumstances. This motivates me to continue to provide the best therapy that I can. I try to take things one day at a time. I take the precautions that I can to keep myself safe and limit exposure, such as only going grocery shopping once a week, washing my hands frequently and using hand sanitizer. I’ve learned just how committed I am to this career, to the community we serve and to the responsibilities I signed up for as a CARDian. There’s so much more to think about than just myself in this situation. I feel honored to have the opportunity to continue to impact lives in a positive way, especially now when we’re all dealing with so much fear and negativity.

Chase Fagan
Behavior Therapist – Fort Collins, CO
I’m the only clinician for one of the families our center serves; if I were to cancel my sessions, this family would be left without any support. The family lives far from a clinic and there are no other therapists in the area, so I moved to be closer in order to provide them therapy. We need to be strong for both our teams and the families we serve. Every day we provide therapy matters and our clients need us now more than ever.

Sharonjeet Kaur
Assistant Supervisor – Bakersfield South, CA
This is a scary time for everyone. But this is also the time our clients need us the most. Supporting families by ensuring that their children still receive the services they need motivates me to continue with my work. I constantly ask myself if I’m doing enough; is there anything more I’m able to do to support my clients and my team members?
I recently started providing telehealth services. This was challenging as I wasn’t sure how parents and my clients would react. However, the clients were eager to interact and learn, parents saw the benefits, and families requested more telehealth sessions! This gave me reassurance that the challenges with telehealth and all the other changes we’re experiencing are worth overcoming and that CARD is on the right track.
I realized there is so much that we’ve taken for granted in our everyday, ‘normal’ lives. Thank you to everyone providing services and continuing to serve our communities. Please stay safe and healthy. Your health comes before anything.
CARD has been my home for the past 5 years. It has shaped me into the person I am and I’m proud of the person I’ve become. There are so many amazing people I’ve been able to meet and learn from, so many true superheroes. Everything we do for our clients and families never goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Sam Arsenault
Behavior Technician – Bedford, NHSince starting at CARD, I have had the privilege of developing beautiful relationships with my kids and their families. I wouldn’t trade supporting them for anything in the world. When I work so intensively and frequently with families, I can’t help but be invested in providing the best care possible. The families I support are my daily motivation with or without the COVID-19 situation.

Michelle McCrum
Behavior Technician – Bedford, NH
I don’t want our clients to miss out on receiving our services because of this pandemic. I want our clients to succeed and continue making progress; I’m not going to let COVID-19 hinder that process! I’m so thankful I can keep providing services to our clients!

Tia Hillman
Behavior Technician – Lynnwood, WA
It has been incredibly scary and hard to experience how the COVID-19 outbreak has shaken my community. But I have been inspired and motivated by how the staff in the Lynnwood office have supported the transition from clinic sessions to home. Everyone at our office has come together to lift our teammates’ spirits up and to support our clients.
I ensure I do everything I can to provide our clients with the quality therapy they deserve, even if that looks a little different than I anticipated. Last week I found myself on a video call with a client singing Old McDonald, reading books and counting stickers on my fingers! I never expected my sessions would occur over telehealth but I’m adapting and being creative, so our clients maintain the skills they already know and learn additional ones. I know it’s making a difference; I recently received an email from a parent saying “Thank you for your dedication to our family. Your sessions will and are making a difference in our lives.” We are stepping up and choosing to make an impact. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing team.

Erma Atienza
Behavior Technician – Silverdale, WA
This is a frightening and uncertain time for all of us. But the clients we serve motivate me to continue working during this pandemic. I want to ensure, to the best of my ability, that our clients have a sense of normalcy in their lives right now. Every morning, I wake up early to see if our team needs anyone to take on additional sessions because I don’t want any of our kids to lose therapy hours. Regardless of the expenses or challenges to myself, I’m willing to do whatever it takes and travel as far as needed for our kids and families.

Amanda Cortez
Assistant Supervisor – Bakersfield, South – CA
I started my journey with CARD nearly 5 years ago and I’m so glad I did. It has led the way for my future as I’m now wrapping up my master’s program with a focus in ABA. I enjoy providing much needed services to our clients, but I also struggle with my own fears of the COVID-19 situation and how it may affect me or my family. My clients and their progress are what inspire me to continue working though; our families are so grateful for our services and our help. I want to let our CARD family know that they are not alone. Together, we can get through this and be stronger than before. We are CARD strong!

Lisa Blount
Therapist Liaison – Albuquerque, NM
This photo was taken after getting my hands messy with a client and playing with paint. I finally got a smile and a laugh from that client that I had never heard previously. Best. Gift. Ever.
I am a former woman of business: I worked in retail management for over 12 years before I started with CARD. I’ve been with CARD now for over 2 years. I can say with a full heart that I continue my work because I love working with this community of individuals. Our community of clients, families and staff have taught me a tremendous amount about self-love, compassion and the power of authentic communication. Working at CARD has taught me the power of our influence, not only in our clients’ lives, but in their families’ lives as well.
As a therapist liaison, I’m in a unique position to directly support our behavioral technicians. I encourage our staff to show respect, compassion and a sense of family to each other. I acknowledge every ounce of effort our staff puts into their work and always circle back to the why behind the work we do: we have a purpose. We are needed daily, but especially during this pandemic, to bring consistency and support in our clients’ lives. I have been humbled to tears to see our staff step up to the plate during this very difficult time. Our staff are providing critical therapy hours and ensuring our clients receive their therapy hours. Additionally, though, our staff are supporting each other by ensuring that the entire CARD team receive the hours they need to provide for themselves and families.
This is not a job to me; this is a lifestyle and a commitment to people who need us here in Albuquerque. I recognize that it takes courage to wake up in the morning, let go of all the uncertainty, and put on an armor of love. Knowing I have another day to support, laugh and celebrate the patients of Albuquerque gets me up in the morning. And knowing we have the most incredible, most qualified Albuquerque CARDians, who are heroes in my eyes, to do the work WITH me pushes me even more!
To all of CARD: give yourself a hug and be proud of the work you do. People’s lives are better because of YOU. Our commitment to our patients only enhances our influence and no virus can change that.

Kellee Fugman
Behavior Technician – Vancouver, South
I grew up with my mom running a home daycare facility, so I’ve been around children my entire life. I’m inspired every day by the individuals we serve and their constant growth. It’s incredibly rewarding and motivating to watch our client’s complete tasks or actions today that they couldn’t accomplish a month ago. We are a major part in building our client’s skillset and the foundations they’ll rely on moving forward. It’s amazing.

Liz Ortiz
Behavior Technician – San Ramon, CA
My clients bring a smile to my face every day during sessions, no matter the changes to their schedule or routines. My clients make my sessions fun and enjoyable and I love seeing them succeed! It’s been challenging the past few weeks, as I’m scared of the current world climate and even ‘simple’ tasks like grocery shopping are now stressful. I’m trying to expect the unexpected and be flexible, as changes are constantly occurring. I’m glad to be a part of the CARD family and I love providing therapy. To everyone still conducting sessions and other healthcare providers, thank you! Please stay safe and healthy!

Mari Dominguez-Gonzalez
Therapist Liaison – Silverdale, WA
My mum always taught me to help others when I’m able to do so. During this pandemic, I remind myself to focus on what is in my control. I see the hard work our clients put in daily and their progress is rad. I hate thinking about the possible regression our clients could experience if they lose hours or services completely so I try my best to ensure all our clients receive as many hours and as excellent therapy as I can provide. The clinicians on our teams have worked so hard and I’m doing what I can to continue their hard work. It’s easy to get stuck only seeing the negatives in the current situation so I try to shift my focus to positives: I can and am continuing to help our clients during this difficult time. Our job is even more crucial during times like these!

Janeth Gutierrez Vazquez
Behavior Technician – Wenatchee
Our clients’ determination to learn, their progress, and their ability to grasp so many new concepts inspires me daily. I witness their growth and it pushes me to continue providing services. I know how important providing therapy is because without our services, our clients’ may lose skills and regress. Before working at CARD, I worked in behavioral health for years so I know change is inevitable and I try my best to go with the flow. It’s been challenging to not have my clients’ peers to generalize their lessons with but I’m involving family instead! Our kids’ future accomplishments are built on the actions we take today; I want to empower my clients to continue to grow and reach their full potential!

Scarlett Berger
Behavior Technician – Virginia Beach, VA
Knowing I have the ability to offer familiarity and routine to my clients during this chaotic time pushes me to continue providing therapy. I know the integral role my coworkers and I play in helping our clients succeed. I try my best to support families and our clients and address any of their concerns. I’ve learned so much from my BCBAs! But, my clients and I do miss playing with their peers!
I’m trying to be patient with myself, as I adapt to the new therapy situation. I admire everyone at CARD pushing through this challenging situation! To the entire Virginia Beach team: Thank you for being full of the most wonderful, welcoming and talented individuals. It is such a privilege to work with you all!

Sunshine Weigel
Behavior Technician – Wenatchee,
I believe whatever we can do to continue implementing routine and structure for our clients has such tremendous benefits in the growth, development, and progress of our clients. During these challenging times, I have learned how committed I am to my career and dedicated to the community we serve. Seeing the continued growth in my clients is what motivates me every day. I encourage all CARDians to continue to push through any fear or uncertainty for themselves and for their clients! I feel honored to have the opportunity to continue to impact lives in such a positive way, especially during these times. Don’t give up! We are essential and CARD strong!

Derrick Stoute
Behavior Technician – Virginia Beach, VA
I’m inspired to keep working every day because I believe I’m, and all CARDians, are making a difference in our clients’ lives. I’m so grateful to be working at CARD. It’s up to us to continue our clients’ routines and to provide some ‘normalcy’ for them, if possible. Our clients need us! I miss my coworkers and it’s hard not seeing them or the other clients at the center. But I’m following guidelines and recommendations that are updating daily, trying to stay safe and healthy during this time. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when this pandemic is over. During these challenging times, I have seen that all of CARD is a family. We are #CARDStrong!

Katie Abbott
Behavior Technician – Bedford, NH
Seeing the progress my clients make daily and supporting our incredible families is what motivates me to keep working. And that I get out of my house! I love what I do, and I love being able to support our clients in overcoming challenges they may face. We are all in this together and we will all come out stronger!

Serena Sprague
Behavior Technician – Bedford, NH
I appreciate the dedication I’ve seen from everyone in their work here at CARD. Not once have I questioned whether or not CARD is putting their best foot forward because I can see clearly that they are and that we’re trying to do everything possible to support the communities we serve. Even though the constant changes, both in the COVID-19 situation and with my schedule, are challenging everyone at CARD has been updating my sessions as quickly as possible and being very proactive in communicating with me!
I want to ensure none of our clients lose the progress they’ve made due to any delay in services and I want to continue to support our clients during these challenging times.

Madison Cox
Assistant Supervisor Designee – Duarte, CA
During this pandemic, I’ve been inspired by my entire office staff. We’ve bonded together to support each other and provide the best therapy we can for our clients. We continue to provide top quality therapy and put our clients first. We especially try to support our clients, be silly and take their minds off of the current situation around the world!
I’m so thankful that I’m able to still provide support to my clients, their families, and our incredible staff. As I provide more telehealth therapy, one of the challenges I’ve been facing is being creative – sometimes I even play the piano or bake muffins with over video with our clients to create learning opportunities! It’s been an adjustment conducting therapy via video, but it has been so fun to be creative and to see the impact with our clients!
In the craziness of life right now I am thankful to have a wonderful team of CARD employees who continue to provide ABA in unexpected times. We seek to continue to run the most productive and fun sessions possible. I am proud to work for a company that took on the telehealth challenge and is serving our clients no matter the circumstance.

Tkeyah Cantey
Behavior Technician – Virginia Beach, VA
I know our clients and their families are in difficult situations. I want all our clients and families to know we are here for them to offer support and comfort. Even with all the new changes and challenges in providing therapy, all of our clients have been wonderful and welcoming – thank you! During these unpredictable times, I remind myself each day to have a positive attitude and to smile, especially when I’m with our clients. They feel our emotions too!

Callie Thorp
Behavior Technician – Fairport, NY
The families I work with are the biggest motivators for me right now. Seeing our clients’ progress puts a smile on my face and makes me work harder. A parent recently told me that right now, during these hard and stressful times, is when the family needs us – CARD – the most. I was so touched with this comment. I always want to be here for my families, during difficult times or in more fortunate circumstances!
The past couple of weeks I learned that self-care is important to add to my schedule to help stay positive during this time. It’s important to do things that I enjoy and make me happy so I can stay healthy and strong for our clients. My self-care includes working out, spending time with my dogs, baking, and reading!
Though I try to look on the bright side every day, the changes due to the current climate have been stressful. I remind myself that we are all in this together. We’re not alone and we are making a huge impact in our clients’ lives!

Briana Hall
Behavior Technician – Annapolis, MD
In the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned that anything is possible. CARD has provided its employees with so many resources, enabling us to effectively and efficiently provide the necessary services to the communities we serve. I’ve been with CARD just over a year and my time with this company has not only increased my knowledge but expanded my resiliency.
I’m continually inspired by the families I support. Knowing I can bring a smile to our families by supporting them, doing a fun activity with clients or cheering our kids on when they try their best encourages me to keep pushing myself and trying my best as well.
CARD is more than just a service provider. CARD is an extended family, across extended families. We are teaching, healing, and connecting – not just with our clients, but across our centers and across the country. As we manage through these perilous times, our commitment to help becomes clearer than ever with each family we continue to serve. Let’s continue to help others and increase awareness in the community!

Marbelly Salinas
Therapist Liaison – Poway, CA
We all do this job for our kids because we all know the importance of maintaining services. However, what truly keeps me motivated are the parents. They are ‘behavioral therapists’ every day, 24/7. Many parents have jobs and additional children at home that they support. I know this takes a toll, but they still ask questions during telehealth services and help support our session, so their children receive their treatment. A shout out to all the parents out there: you are all incredible!
Telehealth and my internet connection (I live in a rural area and the internet isn’t great) have been challenging, though I’m grateful I have the opportunity to continue providing services to our clients. Through these challenges I’ve learned that there is always a solution to a problem; we have to continue to look for the solutions and not give up in the process! I remind myself the saying: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Let’s keep moving, CARD! We can do this.

Faith Rodriguez
Behavior Technician – Hartsdale, NY
I love all things creative (arts as a whole). This has definitely come in handy these past couple of days with the telehealth sessions I’m providing due to the COVID-19 situation. Engaging my clients through telehealth pushes my creative side, which is helping me adapt too with all the changes happening. It’s been challenging adjusting to a new schedule and new habits but seeing our clients, along with their parents, working hard makes me want to work even harder! Let’s keep pushing through these hard times and trusting that the actions we’re taking are effective and sufficient. We’ve got this!

Jakara Rance – Fisher
Behavior Technician – Franklin Square, NY
I try to take all the changes we’re experiencing one day at a time. I love the work CARDians do, but I do miss going into the office to see other staff and clients! I continue to push past my fears in order to work with our clients: supporting them and their families and helping in any way possible. We will get through this together; we are #CARDStrong!

Sam Cardona
Behavior Technician – Manhattan, NY
The resilience and adaptation of our clients during this time is astounding. My clients and I love going on adventures and learning through the world around us so being limited to indoors is difficult! But we make the best out of it! Through this pandemic, I’m trying to have a deeper patience with myself along with other people around me. These are trying times; it’s important we’re extra patient, positive and kind – even more than we usually are! – to others and to ourselves.

Richard Rodriguez
Behavior Technician– Manhattan, NY
I’m inspired to continue working because of our clients. Our clients still need services and I felt I was capable of meeting that need. During this challenging time, I’ve learned to be more selfless and I appreciate the opportunity I’m provided to work with our clients every day. To all CARD employees: People have different experiences and circumstances. Folks need to do what they’re comfortable with and what’s best for them. Everyone please stay safe! This pandemic will strengthen us!

Ibette Caudillo
Behavior Technician – Lynnwood, WA
It gives me such pleasure to be able to support our clients and their families during this crazy time. Every day I continue to see my clients grow and move forward with their skills. As our clients continue to reach their goals, they remind me to persevere and to reach my own objectives as well. Every new goal my clients reach is a victory that I love being able to witness. I’m thankful that CARD has given me the opportunity to work with these amazing kids and be a part of their constant journey.

Laura Bolton
Assistant Supervisor – Lynnwood, WA
I’m motivated by the therapists and leaders in my office to continue working. We have a very strong, close knit group of therapists here at the Lynnwood office. Their dedication to their clients is phenomenal and we constantly share updates about all of our kids and how they’re adapting to the changes. It has been really great to be surrounded by such strong and positive people during this challenging time.
I’ve been doing my best to adapt to the challenges by taking it day by day. Reminding myself that everyone is struggling with the same thing and that there are people in my corner I can reach out to if needed has really helped me work through this challenging time. The past few weeks have taught me that no matter what challenges we as a center face, or that I face personally, we have a strong tie to our clients and to each other. Everyone is willing to provide support in any way they can, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it!

Andrew Nelson
Behavior Technician – Manhattan, NY
I’m inspired by my mother. She also works in healthcare and taught me to help anyone, no matter what the situation. It’s been really hard to hear from friends and family members who have been affected by the novel virus, including those close to me who have passed away from COVID-19 complications. I wish everyone safe and healthy sessions. Please stay safe and be careful!

Hannah Rowlett
Behavior Technician – Silverdale, WA
I recently moved to Washington after my husband’s tour in Japan. It’s been extremely difficult to be away from family, along with dealing with the instability from moving and the uncertainty that this pandemic created. But CARD has given me a family and the support I needed. CARD reminds me of what my family has also taught me: if you truly love something, fight for it! I will continue to fight for our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic because I love the work that I do, and I know how terrifying it can be dealing with sudden change. Now more than ever, I am motivated to ensure our clients receive the highest quality therapy possible and the consistency they deserve. To all CARDians: let’s continue to support and provide care to our clients in any and all ways possible!
Jasmine Williams
Therapist Liaison – Prairieville, LA
During this pandemic, my patients inspire me to continue working. My clients’ caregivers have been very supportive and appreciative of my efforts. A current challenge that I’m struggling with is determining best practices with telehealth for my older clients. They enjoy playing board games, so we’re being creative and discovering ways to play electronically! A lot of change has occurred in a very short span of time and I’m trying my best to take everything in stride and adapt. I remind myself to remain diligent in trying to assist everyone, along with being appreciative and kind to everyone supporting our staff and our families.
Zondra Accorso
Behavior Technician – Fairport, NY
I’ve worked with many different clients of various ages, skill levels, personalities, and interests, but what remains the same across clients is how hard each and every one of them work. Every day our clients get closer and closer to mastering a skill and when they do, we get to witness that mastery and be a part of that moment. It’s a wonderful feeling!
It’s been an adjustment adapting to the changes due to the pandemic. I know the families we serve are so appreciative of our commitment to them. We are all in this together. We’ve been thrown curveballs but with hard work, patience, dedication and a positive attitude we can get through these though times. I appreciate all the hard work of my fellow CARDians and for the constant support and guidance of our BCBAs!
Torey Brillhart
Therapist Liaison – Virginia Beach, VA
I feel an obligation to our clients; I very much care about their well-being and progress. Things are tough right now, but we need to do our part in alleviating the stress for our clients and their families. We need to try to keep up moral as best we can!
Sara Gunkel
Behavior Technician – Bayside, NY
During these trying times, I’m most inspired by the wonderful children I’ve been lucky enough to work with during my time here at CARD. The persistent effort I see from each of my clients motivates me to get up each day and continue to do this work that I love. These past few weeks have highlighted to me the significance of support and unity among the individuals in my life, on both a personal and professional level. We must continue to ask for help, support our loved ones, and remember that we are not alone. We will get through this!
Hayden Young
Behavior Technician – Denver, CO
I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with all of our amazing clients. Our clients’ growth and unique personalities motivate me to continue providing services. I strive to provide the best therapy I can so our kids can continue to grow as much as possible. The large number of CARDians who continue to provide services to our clients is truly outstanding, especially as they push through their own fears and concerns to support our clients. It’s amazing to work with such dedicated coworkers. I’m in constant communication with fellow therapists and team members, sending tips and suggestions to one another, to support each other and our clients’ growth!
This pandemic is a stressful time. Let’s continue to support our incredible clients, by being the best providers we can be through consistent and intensive treatment!
Lesley Handwork
Operations Manager – San Dimas, CA
As an OM who started out working for CARD as a BT, I am inspired by our therapists who are out there in homes on a daily basis. On World Autism Awareness Day, I asked my staff to share on an iMessage chat what keeps them doing this job, and I was brought to tears by the responses. Many of them expressed that they were unsure if they were “essential” until they started their home sessions. But when my therapists saw how much the families and kiddos really needed them, they understood that they are truly essential. The people I work with are some of the most generous, selfless and kind people you could ever meet. If our therapists are willing to work in homes, along with figuring out how to be fun and effective on Telehealth which is brand new to them, then I owe it to them to work behind the scenes keeping things running as smoothly as I possibly can. I have always seen my job as an OM as one of service to my staff and to our families, and now more than ever, I am able to put that into action.One of the challenges has been the move to Telehealth. Both the staff and the families were skeptical about whether this would even work for them – let me tell you that so far, it has been AMAZING. My staff is so creative, and the kids look forward to getting their “video calls” every day. Knowing that we can still make such a positive impact as a company is such a good feeling. I am so proud to work for CARD and to serve my office.My favorite quote is this: “This job is hard, so if it feels hard that doesn’t mean you are doing
a bad job.” Sometimes you might end the day feeling like you ran with the bulls and got trampled. That does not mean you aren’t good enough for this job, you ARE. You got this.
Lean on each other, and we will get through this together! #CARDStrong #SanDimasStrong
Christina Cesare
Therapist Liaison – San Marcos, CA
I have been both motivated and inspired knowing the sense of routine and familiarity I provide to my clients and families, by continuing to provide our therapy sessions, even if our routine has been significantly modified. Knowing that clients and families look forward to my time with them, especially during this time, is so meaningful to me. I definitely look forward to getting back to “normal”, but it has also been amazing to see how flexible all my clients and their families have been with these sudden changes. It has also been amazing working more closely with families, especially creatively during telehealth sessions (ZOOM dance parties to Flo Rida included).
Thomas Damico
Behavior Technician – Edison, NJ
My leadership team has been inspiring during this time! The staff make going to work fun and create a motivating environment for each individual to be the best they can be inside and outside of work. I’m learning to always give my all, no matter the circumstance. I’m trying my best to have faith in myself and stay true to my passions! We’re all battling this pandemic together and we need to work together to come out stronger on the other side!
Miyah Snell
Behavior Technician – Fairport, NY
Through this pandemic, my clients have been incredible – working hard and giving it their all! They inspire me to do the same. I also get some cheering up with my puppy, Ellie! I’m extremely grateful to be working at CARD; applied behavior analysis has always been an interest for me and working with our clients is an honor! I try to remember the following saying that helps me with all the challenges of today: “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday”.
Silena Martin
Behavior Technician – Lynnwood, WA
Throughout this pandemic, our clients still need us. The Lynnwood staff have been there for one another and our clients; the entire clinic has been doing amazing work! I’m incredibly proud to be a member of the Lynwood family. Social distancing has really showed me how much I enjoy social interaction, being able to go out, do activities and explore. It’s scary right now and it can be hard to find motivation but knowing the Lynnwood CARD office is here for us and we can be here for our clients is incredibly powerful during this time.
Linda Silva
Authorizations Coordinator – Woodland Hills, CA
I’ve been with CARD for 15 years now.  Before I started at CARD, I always drove by this brown building on my way to and from work. I was always curious, and I wondered about the business occurring in this brown building. I never had time to go explore the building and was busy with college. Once I finished up my schooling, I was referred to an interview…which, surprise, was in that same brown building I had always passed! It was the CARD headquarters, back when it was in Tarzana, CA. I feel very strongly that I was meant to be here at CARD. We are all pieces to a puzzle, and we all work together to make beautiful things happen.  I can see that more than ever today, as we face this pandemic.  We are all working hard to make the impossible be possible!
Shayna Allen
Behavior Technician – Virginia Beach, VA
I am extremely grateful to be able to provide comfort and support for my clients during such a stressful and unfamiliar time. My clients and their families are my top motivators right now; seeing their progress as well as their bright, smiling faces are a vast source of joy for me each and every day. I have found that providing them with a sense of daily structure and routine has made this adjustment easier not just for them, but for me as well. It’s quite difficult to have to be away from my amazing team members and all of the other clients, but I feel more connected than ever to my CARD family. This has been challenging for all of us but I truly believe that everyone has done their absolute best despite life’s crazy circumstances. I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful for my Virginia Beach team and for CARD as a whole.
Day Rodriguez
Assistant Supervisor – Long Beach, CA
Change isn’t easy for anyone, especially for our clients. When our schedules are thrown off, it takes a toll. I want to provide consistency for our clients and reliability; I’ll continue to push through my own fears and concerns for them! I am so inspired by my clients – they’ve transitioned to all the changes well and with such fortitude. It’s really hard for me to let go of what I can’t control and face the unknown. But I have to be flexible and focus on what I can do. We’re here for our clients and their families. We’re here for our staff and centers. We’re going to get through this together and come out stronger! #CARDStrong!
Kristine McDuff
Therapist Liaison – Sacramento – East, CA
I’ve been with CARD for 10 years now, and I feel prouder than EVER to be a CARDian. I joined this field to help our families and I’m so thankful I’m still able to support our clients. It’s been challenging to get used to telehealth: engaging a client via screen really makes you think outside of the box! But when this is over, I’m going to look back at my journey and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished, and the support I provided our clients and families. We are #CARDStrong!
Abbi Ledet
Therapist Liaison – Mandeville, LA
I’m inspired every day by our clients and their families. Many of our families have accepted telehealth and really rolling with the changes! It’s been a great learning experience for all of us involved and I’m so proud of how everyone has been handling the situation. The Operations Manager, Behavior Technicians, Assistant Supervisors, and Supervisors here at Mandeville have been so incredible and I want to thank them all for their hard work.My dad had the virus, and that was very difficult. So many people have died due to this pandemic, and I was really concerned about my dad. My mom was so scared, and I hated not being able to help her through it. I called her and FaceTimed with her, but I couldn’t hug her or hold her hand through it which was so challenging for both of us. My dad did get through COVID and is much better now!I try to take everything day by day. Sometimes I cry hysterically, sometimes I laugh at my own jokes, and sometimes I create home projects. I try not to plan anything the next day and just go with the flow. I’m so very proud of my CARD team. Stay strong because it will get better. We are in a storm now, but it never rains forever. Dance in the rain when there’s music and rest when you’re tired. Keep truckin’, and when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! I love y’all!
Khylee Egasti
Clinical Supervisor Designee – Mandeville, LA
I feel like this is an obvious answer, but my clients and my teams continue to inspire me to work during this unprecedented time. It’s been hard to adapt to only connecting with family and friends over video platforms, but we’re lucky to be able to use the technology. I’ve taken on Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world” as my motto and I strive for it daily. I also refer to Brene Brown for leadership guidance frequently and one of her quotes stands out to me at this time: “integrity is choosing courage over comfort”.
Grace Welch
Behavior Technician – Silverdale, WA
My CARD family has been so inspiring and amazing! I’ve never had a job before where I went home knowing that I made a difference; since working at CARD, I know this is where I’m meant to be! This pandemic has been difficult, but I’m determined to bring care to our clients and families – to make sure everyone knows we’re still here and we care! To everyone at CARD, keep up the good work! We are doing what we can and what we can do is more than enough!
Adam LeBlanc
Behavior Technician – Mandeville, LA
Autism doesn’t take a break during the pandemic; our clients still have skills they need to learn and behaviors they need help managing, even more so now as much of the world has been changed dramatically. ABA therapy may be one of the only structured events in our clients’ daily lives now. This time has really given me empathy towards the parents of my clients. I’ve gotten to know parents better and involved them in some lessons, such as being a model for teaching gross motor skills while I provide prompts. Things were challenging before this pandemic for families and patients with Autism, and they’ve only gotten harder in many cases. Our services are needed now more than ever. I’m proud of everyone who has stepped up! Keep it up!
Rachel Anderson
Assistant Supervisor Designee – Mandeville, LA
I graduated with my master’s degree in August 2019 and I’m continuing to finish my fieldwork hours for my BCBA. When I’m not working or studying, my hobbies include reading, crocheting, and playing with my 1-year-old son, Mason.The biggest challenge has been remembering what day of the week it is! I’ve not only seen my own abilities teaching and helping grow, but I’ve also seen my clients’ growth and progress. I am so grateful to be able to continue to serve our families. CARD is not just the Center for Autism, it’s the center of opportunity. Opportunity for our employees, our families, and most importantly our clients. I am so impressed with the changes CARD has made to adapt during this time, ensuring we can serve our communities while staying safe. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work for such a great company with even greater people.
Mary Meng Yun Zhang
Assistant Supervisor Designee – Manhattan, NY
First responders and healthcare heroes inspire me every day. As they continue to go to work to care for those in need, I will continue to provide the medically necessary therapy to our clients. My screen time has significantly increased due to Telehealth and self-quarantine, so I’m making sure to unplug daily and do other activities like go on a socially distant run, read a book, or work on my 1000-piece puzzle. I’m sure Telehealth is still a challenge to all of us – supervisors, assistant supervisors, therapists, parents, and clients – as we all learn and figure this out together but most of my clients are really getting the hang of telehealth. Every following session is running smoother than the previous!I’ve learned to not take the simplest things in life for granted. Something as simple as giving a friend a hug or high fiving a client feels like such a luxury in the face of this pandemic. To all the CARDians who are still out in the field providing therapy, I admire your devotion to our clients so much. Thank you to everyone for ensuring our clients and families can receive the support they need.
Ayesha Haroon
Behavior Technician – Crystal Lake, IL
ABA therapy has quickly become a passion of mine. The enthusiasm I have for my work, along with my teams, clients, and their families all motivate me to continue providing support. I want all our families and clients to know that I, and all of CARD, are here for them to offer any assistance we can. Consistency is key across all parts of life, especially for our clients with the therapy we offer. I try my hardest to ensure I’m hitting every lesson at least once for my clients during every session to maintain their skills and stop possible regression. I love the impact of this job and the ability to support growth in our clients, so much so that I’m applying for a master’s degree in ABA to become a BCBA! To CARDians: keep up the heroic work! It is an honor to work with you.
Michael Lyp
Behavior Technician – Crystal Lake, IL
I have been working for CARD for almost 1.5 years and there has never been a dull moment. I am honored to be recognized as a CARD hero, but the real truth is, I could not be effective without the other therapists, BCBAs, administrative staff, and my TL at the Crystal Lake center.
The coronavirus pandemic has been a serious shift in the lives of CARD as a whole, but I am so grateful to be able to continue making an impact in the lives of our families. To me, working for CARD is more than just a job. It is a partnership and I am so encouraged to know I am part of a corporation that sees our clients not just as clients but as family. #CARDSTRONG
Stephanie Lewis
Operations Manager – Virginia Beach, VA
Adapting to this new normal is hard for my team and me so I can only imagine what our clients and families must be going through. It’s been challenging to not have an answer when families, clients and my team ask when our center will be able to reopen. But I’m staying focused on providing the best therapy we can to our clients while supporting our clinicians on the front line through encouragement, flexibility, support, and, of course, safety equipment and therapy supplies. Our families need us now more than ever during this scary, inconsistent time. When days feel rough and never-ending, I know we are valued more than we could ever know and that we are making a positive impact to our clients and their families.
Aliese Poole
Assistant Supervisor Designee – Lynnwood, WA
The Lynnwood office has been such a supportive environment. We’re a little family and their support is what keeps me going in this time of uncertainty. I’ve transitioned to telehealth and it’s been a wild ride! It’s challenging my skill as a therapist but I’m seeing such growth in myself and the other technicians at our center. I’ve been looking on the positive side and have really seen telehealth as a great tool for generalization, getting an inside look into our families’ homes, and how best to support our families and clients.
Raven Walker
Behavior Technician – Franklin Square, NY
I’m still adapting to the changes around me trying to get into a groove. Each day is so different with new challenges. It’s been hard to prioritize myself and my needs too during this time. But knowing that our clients face possible regression if they stop receiving therapy has motivated me to keep working. I’ve really developed my problem solving and creativity skills as well! I know the families appreciate the work we do and to everyone at CARD: Keep up the great work!
Lara LaVine
Regional Manager – Rocklin, CA
I love CARD. I’ve been a BCBA for 14 years and this is my 9th year with CARD. We’re an amazing tribe and it’s incredible to see all of us come together to ensure we’re supporting each other and our clients. I already knew I had an amazing team, but this crisis has highlighted that more than ever. During this challenging situation, it’s been incredible to see how my team has worked closer and more united than ever before, supporting each other and using each other as a resource. My goal too is to ensure that I continue to support my teammates and the communities we serve as much as possible! It is such an amazing opportunity to be on CARD’s team. We need to continue to do everything we can every day to take care of our teammates and ourselves. We can do this together!
Sierra Litch
Behavior Technician – San Ramon, CA
It’s been challenging to not do normal activities, so I try to keep busy by planting and painting. Knowing I’m finding the situation challenging, motivates me to continue to support our clients and families. They need us more than ever right now! I’m trying to stay positive, reminding myself to never give up or stop believing and seeing the positive in situations. We will get through this! We are a family! #CARDStrong!
Dana Nicholson
Assistant Supervisor Designee – Cypress, CA
During this stressful time, I wanted to do as much as I could to support our clients and their families. I’m providing telehealth sessions to our clients which has been an amazing experience! I’ve heard from several families their enjoyment and appreciation of telehealth as well. I’ve seen my clients not only maintain but also increase their skillset! I have had to be more creative with my sessions, with activities like hangman, dance parties, drawing competitions, and more! Seeing my clients and their caregivers smile really takes away the stress I’m feeling.
The CARD family has always been a model of unconditional support and love for staff and the families we serve.
To my fellow CARDians, continue to stay strong! We are some of the strongest people that I know! We will get through this together and come out stronger! #CARDstrong!
Ashley Hernandez
Behavior Technician – Providence, RI
This pandemic has been very difficult for all of us, whether it’s isolation from our family and friends or just adapting to the social distancing. This is why I focus so much on showing up to every session with great energy and a big smile, as well as providing the best service I can. My clients’ consistent progress is so inspiring and encouraging. I am so impressed and grateful to CARD Providence; the staff have really come together, and they make my days easier. We would not be heroes if it weren’t for the support and dedication of everyone at CARD. Thank you!
Alexa Pression
Operations Manager – Lakewood, WA
The uncertainty right now is the hardest part. I’m the point of contact for my parents but I don’t have all the answers which is really challenging. But as both a CARD employee and a CARD parent, I can attest to the big impact our work provides. We need to keep up our positive attitudes, continue to be flexible and support our families and staff. We can do amazing things as we are #CARDStrong!
Emilea Palmer
Clinical Manager Designee – Tacoma, WA
I went through life a bit untraditionally. It wasn’t until my youngest child was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 that I realized I wanted to become a BCBA. ABA and the professionals in my son’s life gave everything of themselves for his success. I strive to give that back to our clients and families every day. Telehealth has certainly been a blessing. I’ve had the opportunity to “see” more of our clients, make deeper connections with families, and start new families that wouldn’t be receiving support. The gratitude that goes along with the effort put forth is very overwhelming. CARDians are some of the most caring and resilient people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. When my son was diagnosed in 2005, CARD was really one of the only ABA specific companies with an online presence. I valued that during that part of my life. I always said, if I had the opportunity to work for CARD, I would! I encourage all CARDians to keep their chins up, stay strong, and remember why we are all a CARDian: to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their families. Now, more than ever, they need us and are so appreciative of everything we are doing to continue to provide their children with the consistency and routine they thrive on. I tell all my therapists that they are the true superheroes!
Ashlee Ashby
Operations Manager Trainer – Woodland Hills, CA
I signed up to change lives and help people so here I am, always ready and willing to take on the next challenge so our families can receive support. I’m a mother to a 7-year-old and he’s a challenge in himself. It’s been challenging making sure my son is logged onto his video conferencing meetings on time. I try to put myself in our families’ shoes and it really inspires me to continue fighting for our families and not give up. It’s been crucial to be flexible and adapt since not only is CARD different but so are our everyday lives. We will come out of this stronger than ever. #CARDStrong.
Lynn Potter
Behavior Technician – West Palm Beach, FL
The picture is one of myself, my husband and our 3.5-year-old. My own child has been struggling to adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic and I’ve only been able to work when my family is available to help with my own child. However, I’m trying as hard as I can to support my clients and their families. I’m calm and adaptable to support my own family and the families we serve. Let’s take the time to be here for each other, to allow people to express how they’re feeling, to listen to them and support them. We cannot change our circumstances, but we can shoulder it together.
Taryn Sacchitella
Operations Manager – Portland-West, OR
During this pandemic, my motivations are twofold: ensuring that I can give the most of myself for those in crisis and in serving others. I am consistently inspired by our patients and their families. The altruistic support, care, and patience we show for each other reminds me more than ever the beauty of human relationships.
Adapting to change can be difficult, but I find that change has pushed me and my team to be the best versions of ourselves. Much like we teach our patients, we have to be okay with changes, and allow this to be a time of opportunity to focus on healthy outlets, support our community members, and do the best we can to stay positive and patient. During this time, I am just trying to live day by day, and keep myself oriented on the present. Let’s continue to show the great support and strength we have to everyone around us and continue to be a beacon of calm in this storm!
Ashley Stebelton
Operations Manager – Silverdale, WA
Our families inspire me every day. They are so strong and resilient. I want to do everything I can to help them during this absolutely crazy time, whether that’s reassuring them that everything is going to be okay or ensuring them that they’re able to continue to have services. On a personal level, during this time, I’ve learned to give myself more leeway with things. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the moment and to cherish the moments we take for granted. My hometown is currently at the peak of their COVID-19 crisis and it’s been very difficult to support them while I’m so far away and unable to act. Life is always going to present us with difficulties – some even feel impossible in the moment – but how we decide to handle those situations will define who we are. Never give up!
Ariel Owens
Site Operations Manager – Portland-East, OR
My mom taught me to set a goal with a vision answering the question: “Who do you envision yourself to be?” No matter how many detours you take to get to that end vision, what happens in life, or how hard it gets – always have that vision for motivation. I have a commitment to our patients and families as a healthcare professional. I have a vision for how I want to be remembered and who I want to say I was, regardless of the situation caused by COVID-19 which includes supporting as many team members, families and friends as I can. Pick up the phone, send an email or text, check-in with people as much as you can. We are all going through this together and reaching out can make a huge impact when people may be feeling alone or isolated during this time. Thank you to CARD for inspiring me and for giving me the support I need to maintain my center throughout adversity. CARD is my home; I am so proud of our company and all CARDians! We are #CARDStrong!
Stephanie Smith
Site Operations Manager – Lynnwood, WA
The families we serve – along with my own (my son pictured here!) – are a big motivation for me during this time. I’m so proud of the support we provide, of our clients, and their successes. I take every day one at a time. This is a very stressful and overwhelming time for everyone, but I’ve discovered two strengths of mine: patience and empathy. Reach out to friends, schedule videoconferencing meetings or connect online to help with loneliness or sadness. Remember to keep on moving forward! We might be kept in ‘isolation’ to get through the worst of this, but we are all in this together!
Nenexi Zamorano
Behavior Technician – Santa Ana, CA
Knowing that I can make even a small difference in a family’s life is what inspires me to continue providing services. We are living in strange and difficult times but working with my clients provides some consistency and familiarity in the world. Our clients still have skills to acquire or maintain and their families still need our support. In the past few weeks, I have been reminded of how lucky I am to be part of a wonderful team that genuinely cares about our clients, their families and each other. I am proud to be a part of this amazing team!
Gabriela Ayala
Behavior Technician – Santa Ana, CA
I know the services we provide are crucial for our clients’ successes. At the beginning of this pandemic, I struggled with my own fears about COVID-19. But our clients and families help bring sunshine to me on rainy days and push my fears to background noise. Getting to see my clients’ progress and smiles each day motivates me to provide the best services that I possibly can. I am so thankful to be working with a great group of people who are selfless, supportive, and brave each and every day. I am very proud to be a part of the Santa Ana family and to be a part
of CARD.
Marissa Scimone
Behavior Technician – Providence, RI
Working with CARD for just over a year now has changed my life. I’ve never been surrounded by such a wonderful, supportive team: whether it be the administrative staff or coworkers. Everyone goes above and beyond for not only their clients but for their coworkers as well. I see the work that is done every day and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it all! The clients that I work with have been such a light in my life and it’s hard to see myself doing any other line of work, to be honest. In this time of uncertainty, I’m glad I can be a support and provide consistency for my clients and their families! Seeing how the company responded amongst all of this madness makes me even more proud to be a CARDian!