Remote Clinical Services

Not near a CARD® center? We can still help!

If you don’t live near a CARD® center, our clinicians can travel to your family and provide the services your child needs. Remote clinical services include the following:

  • Understanding autism
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Skills® assessment
  • Skill acquisition and maintenance
  • Behavior management
  • Demonstration/modeling/role-play
  • Parent training
  • Practical training with child
  • Treatment team training
  • Ongoing observation and specialized support for child and family

CARD® is committed to providing top-quality services around the globe to families affected by autism spectrum disorder. With Remote Clinical Services, your family is individually matched with a CARD® clinician who travels to your home to meet with parents and caregivers. The clinician initiates an in-depth and ongoing assessment to identify treatment goals and develop an individualized treatment plan for your child that fits your family’s needs. During the first visit, the clinician puts behavior and skill acquisition plans in place specifically tailored to your child. Throughout the therapy process, your clinician provides ongoing support to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the treatment plan. Your CARD® clinician can also assist in school planning, report writing, and training additional staff. If requested, CARD® can hire and train technicians in your area to provide therapy in the home or out in the community.

CARD’s online assessment tools and training programs allow us to offer quality and consistency all over the world.

Assessment, curriculum, and behavior plans can be updated instantly with Skills®, the CARD® online assessment tool based on more than 30 years of clinical research. For more information, visit

CARD’s highly regarded training program is also available online to train individuals in your community to become behavior technicians. CARD’s eLearning™ program provides in-depth training on the principles and procedures of ABA, an evidence-based approach to treating the challenges and deficits associated with autism spectrum disorder. For more information, visit

The CARD® Model is available to all autism treatment professionals through the CARD® Affiliate Program, helping agencies worldwide address the needs of their local autism population. This unique partnership between CARD® and other treatment providers produces exceptional clinical outcomes while building sustainable local businesses. Initially, patients, families, and affiliate staff receive direct supervision from CARD. As the program develops and the affiliate staff gain experience and training, clinical services may be provided independently. Affiliates work directly with a team of CARD® clinicians who have extensive training and years of experience. Our CARD® team designs each patient’s treatment and supervision plans and teaches affiliate staff to develop and implement these plans themselves.

At CARD® Remote Clinical Services, we work diligently to provide global access to top-quality, evidence-based treatment and to help small business owners build sustainable companies. For more information, contact us at (855) 345-2273 or email us.