Adult Services

The CARD Adults® Program

Building on the successes of the CARD® program, the CARD Adults® program was established in 2014. CARD Adults® is the first of its kind focused applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment program in the United States for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Our program accepts patients who are 14 years and older with no age limit to begin services. The CARD Adults® comprehensive ABA program is focused on increasing functioning and independence in daily life. The CARD Adults® program targets age-appropriate social, leisure, and independent living skills in order to increase an individual’s ability to function in daily life and integrate into the community with ease and confidence.

CARD® Skill® for Life

In 2018, after years of research and development, CARD Adults® released CARD Skills® for Life, a web-based system for designing and managing treatment programs for individual patients. This online tool allows our clinical team, patients, and/or their caregivers to complete a comprehensive assessment which then tailors individualized lesson plans to a patient’s specific needs. The system provides users with personalized data, a behavior intervention plan builder, graphs, and reports that are automatically updated during sessions. The CARD Skills® for Life curriculum includes over 3,000 potential lessons divided into 16 key areas that address the range of functioning necessary to be successful in adulthood. Each curriculum area addresses specific targets that facilitate the achievement of long-term goals.

CARD® – Adult Center for Excellence (CARD ACE)

In an effort to increase functionality and generalization, CARD Adults® provides services across all settings, including CARD® centers and the patient’s home, school, community, workplace, and volunteer locations. In 2018, the CARD Adults® program opened the very first CARD- Adult Center for Excellence (CARD ACE) in Duarte, California. CARD ACE is unparalleled in its ability to offer individuals a positive learning and training environment. The CARD ACE center is the hub of individuals’ services designed to address the needs of our patients while encouraging the continued development of age-appropriate social, leisure, adaptive, and independent living skills training. CARD ACE includes clinic rooms to host center-based services, social skills groups, and parent/caregiver training and support. Additionally, the facility includes a number of training rooms and a full kitchen specifically designed for vocational and employment skills development.

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