Temple Grandin Discusses Teen Years, Anxiety and Employment on Autism Live

Temple Grandin Discusses Teen Years, Anxiety and Employment on Autism Live®

The segment, translated into Spanish in real time by Autismo y Familia host Juan Ronderos, offers Grandin’s insight on topics impacting the autism community.

LOS ANGELES (March 13, 2015) – Temple Grandin, an award-winning author and public speaker who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), appeared on Autism Live® to talk with host Shannon Penrod about teen years, coping with anxiety and the importance of employment for individuals with ASD. Grandin also shared her thoughts on the minds of individuals with ASD from her book The Autistic Brain. The segment aired on Tuesday, March 3 and is available to view at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6riOU-HaxLc.

Grandin, who received her Ph.D. in animal science, is a professor at Colorado State University. Grandin, also a bestselling author, autism activist and consultant on animal behavior within the livestock industry, has published her insights on ASD and animal rights in several books, including Animals in Translation, Animals Make Us Human and a memoir entitled Thinking in Pictures.

“We are always honored to speak with Temple Grandin,” said Penrod, host of Autism Live®. “She offers our viewers insight that is relevant to their concerns as parents and individuals with autism.”

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